Farmington Risk Managers, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Corporate Security Consultants

Farmington is a security consultancy that advises U.S. based corporations on matters of personnel security, physical plant security, and asset recovery. We have associates in the principal cities of North and South America, Western Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa. Farmington has affiliate relationships in other venues worldwide.

Our team consists of former members of federal and state law enforcement agencies, security agencies, and former members of the military services of the United States and its allies. Farmington values and routinely engages the support of human resource experts, forensic psychiatrists, specialized legal counsel, and other technical experts.

We are agile and responsive and are capable of the immediate deployment of resources to mitigate the threat of harm or the loss of an asset that your U.S. based corporation is currently facing. Farmington prefers to engage with corporate officers. If you feel that we can assist you, please contact us anytime.

Farmington Risk now offers assistance to select individuals and families through its acquisition of North Shore Advisors.

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